Fernando S. Godínez

President & CEO

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A Message from our President & CEO

Over the years, the Staff and Board of Directors of the Mexican American Unity Council, Inc. (MAUC) have worked diligently to refine the vision and mission of this venerable organization. Although MAUC has a forty-three year history of serving this community, it is always wise for an organization to assess and adjust priorities in order to meet the needs of a vibrant and diverse city like San Antonio. In 1967 visionary leaders committed to advancing Latino civil rights and expanding opportunity for the Hispanic community in Bexar County.

Today, in light of the economic turmoil in the national and global economy, the need to reassess and develop realistic strategic goals becomes even more vital if MAUC is to continue its work into the next decade. To this end, MAUC’s mission will no longer be limited to Bexar County; but will encompass the state of Texas. This change in its mission statement will allow us to expand the scope of our work in the area of greatest expertise—Affordable Housing.

Over the years MAUC has taken a leadership role in, as our tagline states, building communities...developing human potential. In the past five years MAUC has been very successful in designing and building affordable housing communities. This success has in turn created hundreds of family supporting jobs through strategic investment in the community and resulted in a steady growth of $60 million in assets and 630 affordable housing for senior and multifamily units. Most importantly, the successful growth of our housing communities has facilitated the delivery of social services in the area of education, health, and community and economic development to all areas of the city and county.

In addition to the geographic expansion of our mission, the MAUC Board of Directors will continue to realign its programs and services in accord with our strategic plan in order to maximize our community impact and embark on an ambitious Affordable Housing Development Plan that will take this organization into this new decade.

-- Fernando S. Godinez, CEO & President


Crystal Requejo

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Programs & Development

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Aisha Sanchez

Housing Coordinator

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MAUC Housing Center

MAUC Housing Center

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Jaime Albarran

Maintenance Manager

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Beatrice Cano

Accounts Payable

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Roxann Tapia

Community Director, Palacio Del Sol Senior Apartments

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Maria G. Esparza

Community Director, Stonehouse Apartments

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