Dedicated to the rebirth of our inner city neighborhoods...

MAUC resides in a historical building constructed in 1911. As the former home of David Crockett Elementary School, it was vacated in 1967 and remained unoccupied and subject to vandalism until 1975. The structure faced demolition but the community protested that as a “beacon of hope,” as it was called in its heyday, they could not allow the building to face the wrecking ball. The City then called for bids to purchase and restore the stoic edifice and MAUC was selected through a competitive process to take charge in restoring the structure. The MAUC Center was dedicated in ceremonial fashion on October 29, 1977.

MAUC Center is currently home to community-based organizations such as, ED Plus, Westside Development Corporation, Greater San Antonio All-Stars, Healthy Futures of Texas, United Counseling Center, Our Casas, Inc., SEIU Texas and Leticia Luna Attorney

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