Community Programs

MAUC has developed programs that will enhance parental involvement, family strengthening and neighborhood development by providing classes related to physical and emotional development, addressing school readiness and literacy, nutrition and financial literacy. Achieving these goals will ensure that families in MAUC’s communities’ will become stronger, more stable, and self- sufficient.

Program Description

The target population served by the Mexican American Unity Council, Inc. (MAUC) includes families who reside at one of two affordable housing communities owned by MAUC and families from surrounding communities who seek social service assistance. The majority of families being serviced are Hispanic, bilingual, and live on low to moderate incomes. Many of these families experience un-employment or under-employment have limited access to affordable health care and pay more than 30% of the total household income on housing.



MAUC will survey the target audience annually to provide services and educational classes as determined by the family needs. Programs that MAUC offers are free of no charge are listed below:

Parent Engagement

Prepares parents in understanding the school system and how they are able to advocate for their children and guide them through their school years all the way to receive a higher education in a college or university.

G.E.D. Classes

The “General Equivalent Diploma” is for adults 18 years of age and older that have not completed high school. This program prepares the student to take the GED “State Assessment” to acquire an alternative diploma to improve employment possibilities.

ESL Classes

“English as a Second Language” is a program that supports adult immigrants in learning English to improve their basic language skills and better opportunities for employment.

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education assists parent(s) to understand the connection of good nutrition and physical activity such as exercise to promote good eating habits and family wellness.

Art for Adults

Free art classes for adults are offered to promote creativity and learn techniques in art acrylic painting on canvas.

Art for Children

Free art classes for children 7-12 years of age are offered to promote creativity, imagination and learn techniques in drawing and painting. Students also work on creative seasonal activities throughout the year.

Adult Literacy in Spanish

Centro de Estudios provides the opportunity for immigrant parent(s) from Mexico to continue their education in completing their “Primaria” and “Secundaria “so they may receive a “certificate of completion”. The ultimate goal is to assist (parent)s in entering a “G.E.D.” program that is offered in English or Spanish and to continue the parent(s) education in reading, writing and the ability to speak in English.


For more information please contact staff:


Community Programs Manager

Crystal Requejo


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Client Coordinator

Leslie Quintanilla


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